Michael Bullock Productions
Event & Conference Production Specialist

Level 1 / 224 Liverpool St, Hobart, Tasmania 7000
P: 03 6231 1049
M: 0417 556 431
E: michael@michaelbullock.com.au
W: www.michaelbullock.com.au
Skype: michaelbullockproductions

Are you organising or producing an event?

Michael Bullock has produced and managed events in Australia, Britain and New Zealand for 27 years. Running your event perfectly is his passion and his profession.

Conferences, festivals, conventions, dinners, dances, bonfires… any sort of event, large or small, indoors or out.

If you need a person to realise the visions of the Producer and the Director, and will coordinate the operations of various production sub-disciplines, lighting, sound, projection and a multitude of other aspects associated with events and conferences…

A person who has a detailed knowledge of all production disciplines including a thorough understanding of the interaction of these disciplines during the production process…

A person who will deal with all matters ranging from the procurement of staff, materials and services, to freight, customs coordination, telecommunications, labour relations, logistics, information technology, government liaison, venue booking, scheduling, operations management and workplace safety…